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"Moxie,| n, definition of.... sass, courage, spunk, determination, attitude, initiative....

Her name says it all....dream dog with a great sense of humor.

From the day we brought her home we knew we had something special.  Clicker 

training at 8 weeks revealed a highly motivated, intelligent girl.  Commands were

learned so quickly we moved on to tricks, some that I  created and some that she created.


I've always said she would make a great circus act as she loves to perform.

Two years later, she gathers titles with ease, once she knows the skill, she's got it and

with no delay I have to be ready to move on to the next.  She has kept me on my toes as a trainer and has brought more joy into our household than anyone could have imagined. She wears her gorgeous brown jacket well accented with a beautiful facial expression. happy to call her mine!"  


                                                                                                       --Kathy Marshall, owner


It was evident early on that Moxsea possessed special qualities.  We wanted her to go to great show/performance home and through the network of some of our breeder friends, in the Pacific Northwest, found Kathy Marshall.   We feel fortunate and treasure the friendship that has developed between us and the litter-mates families.  

Moxsea is titled in Obedience, Rally, Agility, and Water-Work.  She's also training in other areas.  Kathy and Moxsea = one great team!   We always look forward to hearing from them and what fun new adventure they are trying!


Moxsea Health Stats:

OFA Hips: PW-7480G27F-VPI  (Good),  CERF: PW-EYE2023/31F-VPI   (Normal) ,  GM-1: Normal,   Optigen:  Normal

CHIC # : 118047

On December 24, 2017;  Moxsea delivered 11 puppies, our 'Night Before Christmas' litter.   All black with some white on chests and legs.  6 boys/5 girls.  3 curly coats.  What a GREAT dam Moxsea was to them and how she LOVED them so.

Special thanks for my good friend, Kathy Marshall for seeing the importance of continuing with this special lineage.  And to her daughter, Lindsay for all her dedication and work with raising this litter.  She made it so easy for the new owners with her potty training and bedtime routine.  


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