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11/12/2005 - 12/18/2018

CH. SWSeas Windward Oh Buoy


"Brutus" is the keeper out of my first home bred litter.  If there ever was a sweetest PWD award, Brutus would win it hands down.  Brutus loves every person and every animal he mets.  I can trust him with infant puppies (and human babies), to toy breeds, to being around other male dogs.  A true ALPHA male does not feel the need to challenge others, for he knows who is top dog and doesn't feel the need to prove it.  I cannot say enough good things about his phenomenal temperament.


Brutus and I attended two PWDCA National Specialities together.  In 2006, he won 1st place in 9 - 12 month old Puppy Sweeps under breeder judge; Janis Watts. I then owner-handled Brutus to his AKC championship through the Bred By Exhibitor classes.  He finish under the late great Michele Billings with a 5 point major at a supported entry in Columbus, Ohio. Brutus didn't love the show ring, but he did it for me.  He'd much rather be home playing his made up game of fetch - where he brings me his toy, drops it at my feet and wants me to try to get it before him - but while he stands on it (little cheater! lol).  I just adore this happy go lucky boy!


Brutus has nice solid bone, deep black pigment, perfect bite, full muzzle and great stop, dark brown eyes, and a soft easy care curly coat in black and silver (double ticking is so dark, you forget he was born with a full white chest and to the elbow white right arm).  Stands 20.25" at shoulder and weighs 54 lbs. 

We are extremely fortunate to have some of his great offspring passing on his topnotch health and temperament!

Health Stats:


DOB: 11/12/2005    Hips: PW-5481G41M-VPI  (Good)  Elbows: PW-EL1787M35-VPI

Optigen/PRA: PW-PRA1971/39M-VPI (Normal),  GM-1: PW-GM1-1640/40M-VPI

ERG/CERF: PW-EYE416/118M-VPI  (Normal - 08, 09, 10, 13, 15 )

JCDM: 1:1 (Normal for juvenile cardiomypathy),  IC13: Normal for Improper coat

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