Welcome to Sweet Water Seas Portuguese Water Dogs!  Home of multiple Top 10 Performance Portuguese Water Dogs.  Located in the beautiful state of MICHIGAN.  Since 2002, we been blessed with this awesome breed in our home and have bred selectively since 2005.   


Our mission as a breeder is to produce great temperaments, healthy, beautiful Portuguese Water Dogs that are versatile in their working abilities. Our dogs are highly intelligent—they are a thinking breed, eager to please and always up for a new adventure. Whether your SWSeas PWD is a show champion,  or a working/ performance dog, they are always first and foremost a beloved family companion.  

In order to allow more creative AKC registered names on the dogs we have bred, we have shortened Sweet Water Seas to "SWSeas".  SWSeas is the prefix you see before the name on our dogs.  


FUN FACT:  Our kennel name is after the GREAT LAKES.  Sailors called them the "Sweetwater Seas." Carved by glaciers more than 12,000 years ago, the Great Lakes regions are the planet's largest bodies of freshwater which are visible from the moon and instantly recognizable on any globe or atlas.  So much water is contained in the Great Lakes, that it would cover the entire contiguous United States to a depth of nine feet.



 2015 Qualifier for the Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award.


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