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Welcome to Sweet Water Seas Portuguese Water Dogs!  Home of multiple Top 10 Performance Portuguese Water Dogs.  Located in the beautiful state of MICHIGAN and now also in GEORGIA.  Our mission as a breeder is to produce great temperaments, healthy, beautiful Portuguese Water Dogs that are versatile in their working abilities.


Our dogs are highly intelligent—they are a thinking breed, eager to please and always up for a new adventure.  Whether your SWSeas PWD is a show champion,  or a working/ performance dog, they are always first and foremost a beloved family companion.   Sweet Water Seas has been shortened to SWSeas to allow for more creative registered names.  You will find this prefix on our dogs. 


In 2002, "Jake" joined our family.  He was a beautiful brown fox wavy.  He was owner-handled to his championship in 2005.  He was offered at stud and sired 4 litters.  We kept one outstanding male from his second litter, who became our "Brutus". Little did we know what an impact he would have on us.  In 2006, I attended the Portuguese Water Dog National Specialty with Jake and Brutus at Mount Vernon, IN.  Brutus earned 1st place in the 9 - 12 month old male class. I was in charge of the Silent Auctions for the PWDCA Nationals in 2006 (and then again in 2009).  Brutus was my Breed-By-Exhibitor AKC champion in 2008.  Brutus sired 3 litters and we are proud to continue his lineage through Harvey, Moxsea, and Tessa. 

A brief look back:

Ch. SWSeas Windward Oh Buoy

Angie and Brutey in Chicago

Ch. Gayle WInd's Sea Titan Jacob CGC

Baby Brutus

First major and Best Bred By

Brutus sired a litter in 2013, in which Harvey and Moxsea (pick male & pick female) were placed in superb homes, that have become a part of the Sweet Water Seas family.  For the 2015 National Specialty, I was asked to create the fun logo and the official logo.  Also, that year I qualified for the "Outstanding Breeder Achievement" award.  In 2017, I co-bred a litter in which Miss Tessa flew back with me after temperament testing, and puppy evaluations.  


2018, at the National Specialty, I taught an alcohol ink art class, all proceeds to benefit the PWDCA National Specialty general fund.  That was a ton of fun and there were a lot of budding artists!  

SWSeas participated in "Boutiques" events for the first time and was well received. 

 I was the creator of the fun logo;

"Adventures in Frankenmuth". 


In 2019, what a National in Greeley, Colorado!  Sweet Water Seas did extremely well.  Some accomplishments include: 1st place Working Dog class, Award of Merit, and SUPERDOG.  What a sense of pride to see three SWSeas dogs participating in the Superdog competition. It was great fun to view names on the SD poster boards, that were doing so well all week long!  There were also successful Master water dog and Courier water trial runs.  High placements in Scent work, Obedience, Rally, Agility, and the American bred class.  I was asked to design the fun logo as well; "Colorado or Bust".  Always nice to see the logos made into merchandise and worn proudly by the attendees and participants. 


But the best part is the friendships.  Good times with good friends!


Harvey highest in Versatility "Superdog"


Sweet Water Seas family


Moxsea 1st Place Utility Obedience

2019 Fun logo for National Specialty

2020 +, with the pandemic, had put a cramp in dog events.  However, Harvey and Tessa have managed to make strides in adding performance titles and Tessa also earned some UKC and international conformation titles.  I stayed busy creating art - 90% has been Portuguese Water Dogs.  Please check out my Facebook page; SWSeas Designs for the latest work. 

After 18+ years of involvement with the Portuguese Water Dog, we still have many things to look forward to. Goals are set for 2021 and onward.  Here is to healthy, happy dogs bred with a purpose. 

Thank you for your visit!

Angie Robinson


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