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(TOP) Tessa and John Ellery.  What a great working team! Earning Junior Water Certificate.   

Their love affair began early - when the Ellerys' babysat Tessa during our Spring Break 2018. 

 SWSeas In Perfect Time CA BCAT SEN SIN SCN RATO CGC TKA WWD        dob: 12/24/2017

Owned by John Ellery, Angie Robinson, and Amanda Ellery. 

SWSeas Swift Current Moxsea CDX  RE NA OAP OJP NF NFP CWD CGC /JVN  JVO  RVN MAC-2   x  GCH. Fishbay's King Triton CGC


"Tessa" is our newest addition  and she continues our lineage going back to my original Portuguese Water Dogs.   Tessa is out of our beautiful brown wavy dam, "Moxsea", who is an outstanding performance dog.  And sired by the handsome "King", who is known for his phenomenal temperament. 

I flew out to Washington State and spent a week getting to know the puppies - and had the most wonderful time with the Marshalls!   I helped conduct the temperament testing and the puppies first grooming.  What an outstanding litter of eleven puppies this was!  I could not be prouder!  One puppy bitch kept catching my eye.  I loved the compact, well-knit body, beautiful back skull, dark eye, and sweet expression.  While eleven puppies can be chaotic, there were times I would find her quietly entertaining herself with a toy, or riding the skateboard, or balancing on the wobble board.  I quietly began to fall in love with this sweet puppy. 

When we put the puppies in show stacks, "Anchor" (now Tessa).  Just held it perfectly.  No re-adjusting feet.  Boom, she had it.  I think I knew then.  First stack:





 I was smitten with puppy "Anchor", the little sugar plum fairy puppy from the moment I laid eyes on her.  Looking forward to what this amazing working girl will do........... Looks, brains, & working ability, Tessa has it all.  

Lindsay and Angie washing all 11 pups.  *   Tessa's first stack

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12 days old
Tessa - 3 weeks
Tessa - 4 weeks
Tessa - 5 weeks
Angie and Tessa
Tessa first week home
Paper Tutu
Bath time
Irish Princess for St. Paddy's
Tessa, 3 months
Tessa 4 months
Tessa 5 months old
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