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SWSeas Maestro's Making Music

DOB: 7/14/2007    Murphy x Marinka

"Angie Robinson's knowledge, experience and devotion to the breed are exceptional.   The buyer's relationship with Angie begins long before the pups are born and continues throughout the dog's entire life.   Throughout Maestro's 11 years, Angie has always been available to answer questions and address concerns.  I can honestly say that Maestro has been a healthy, happy and spirited dog, true to the PWD breed standard.   Thanks, Angie!"                                                                 --Candace Moser


 Candace is a great guardian of this special breed.  Having owned 2 Portuguese Water Dogs, Maestro is her beautiful black and white wavy boy.   I love it when our connection through our dogs leads us into beautiful friendships.  I always enjoy hearing Maestro stories.   It all started with the very first check in on how Maestro got his name.  He serenaded Candace  in the car ride all the way home from Michigan to Minnesota.  He didn't realize at the time what a great life he was going to have!

 Wishing the two of him many more years of happiness!

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